• Story Game

MOVIE NAME: Story Game

  • Supernatural Thriller -
  • 1hr 37min

On a camping trip in Hawaii, three fine art students make a bet: who can tell the best supernatural story? But, not just any ghost story. According to the rules of THE STORY GAME, it must have these three elements – a ghost, a character that has green eyes, and the location must be Japan.

First up, is the graphic artist. She weaves a tale of Japanese high school girls who bully a foreign student. It’s all fun and games until they confront HANAKO, the ghost who haunts the women’s bathroom.

Next up is the screenwriter. He tells the story of a businessman who is obsessed with a beautiful woman he sees on his commuter train. He follows her through Tokyo’s train station’s maze of tunnels. When he finally catches up to her, she reveals her true self - KUCHISAKE-ONNA – the slit-mouthed monster.

Finally, there is the novelist. She tells the Edo period classic story of OIWA, the jealous wife obsessed in counting the Noh masks over and over...

But wait, there is one more story. The campground’s guard, who they selected to judge their stories, wants in on the action. He tells a last-minute story about Hawai’i. And, that is where the fun really begins.

THE STORY GAME brings three famous Japanese ghost stories to the world. Each fable has a slight twist from the original. Nonetheless, it is a fun time for all, as each of the students try to outwit the others with a ghostly tale as they play THE STORY GAME.

  • DIRECTOR/WRITER : Jason K. Lau
  • CAST : Lyrica Okano, Greer Grammer, Ned Van Zandt, Alberto Rosende, Ayaka Wilson, Mariko Tohmi, Jason Quinn, Mari Yamamoto, Hyunri, Ken Yamamura, Go Jibiki, Taka Higuchi, and Ayumi Ito
  • SALES AGENT (USA) : Sublimity Entertainment Sublimity Entertainment
  • DISTRIBUTION (N. America) : Cinedigm Cinedigm
  • PRODUCERS : Deborah Y. Lau & Nicole M. Lau
  • MUSIC : Tim Callobre
  • POST PRODUCTION : Todd J. Robertson
  • LEGAL : Pafundi Law Firm
  • LOCATIONS : Japan and Hawaii