• Party Crasher
Party Crasher

MOVIE NAME: Party Crasher

  • Halloween Drama (short) -
  • 5min

It's Halloween. Johnnie (Scott Francis Russell) sits alone having his lunch outside his office building. The celebration outside becomes ostentatious, as Zorro the skateboarder steals a kiss from scantily clad Cat Woman. Disgusting. Johnnie opens his Tupperware and reveals that he doesn't have a peanut butter sandwich, but a bomb instead. He carefully starts the timing mechanism and places it in a nearby trash bin. Suddenly, Zorro slams into him with his skateboard. Johnnie's glasses go flying. They land at the feet of Betty (Ashley Weismantel), the prettiest woman he has ever seen. She kindly gives Johnnie back his glasses. Unfortunately, she sits on the bench right near the bomb. Johnnie tries desperately to talk to her, and lure her away from the bomb. Just when he thinks he may succeed, Johnnie meets his destined fate. The original film received an award for 2013's Honolulu Star-Advertiser Halloween Film Contest.

Party Crasher
  • DIRECTOR/WRITER : Jason K. Lau
  • STORY BY : Valerie Narte
  • PRODUCER : Jess T. Johnston
  • EDITOR : Jess T. Johnston, Grace Lim
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY : Anthony Valleho-Sanderson
  • LOCATIONS : Hawaii